Interesting Industry News Around The Web ~ Week 7

The amount of information available online causes over-load for many people. So whether you are looking for management tips, industry news or other important information, we’ll round-up some of the best articles we’ve come across each week to give you a hand. Happy Reading!

With Food Allergy Awareness Week, May 8–14, upon the foodservice world, quick-serve operators and others are continuing to ramp up their efforts in helping customers with allergy afflictions know exactly what is in their food.

QSR Magazine has the rest of the story.

If you understand the basic human needs and feed these needs in your business, you will have better success.  There will be more sales, better costs, lower turnover.  The restaurant will be cleaner and your restaurant marketing dollar will have more impact.  Shoppers reports will score higher and others will be envious and want the inside secret.

Read more at Inside Hospitality.

It turns out that America’s Next Great Restaurant was filmed last year, and the winner, Jamawn Woods, didn’t know he won until it was announced on Sunday. But in the meantime, Steve Ells and the other investors in this next great restaurant got to work hiring staff and securing real estate and generally making the restaurant happen in three places at once — Los Angeles, New York and Minneapolis.

Food writer Bret Thorn dishes about his trip to Soul Daddy, winner of America’s Next Great Restaurant.

* Food cost – What a menu item costs to prepare. The cost of a chicken entrée with meat, sauce, vegetables and starch is your food cost. Most restaurants run between a 30-40% food cost, this does not include the cost of overhead that needs to get added in before you start making a profit.

* Front of the house – the front end of the restaurant, the dining room and bar where the customers are served and wait staff, bartenders, bussers and dining room managers primarily work.

Check out this detailed Glossary of Restaurant Lingo, Slang & Terms from The Back Burner.

“We’re seeking a “Restaurant Expert” with the personality and savvy of Gordon Ramsay meets the cool appearance of Billy the Exterminator!  Someone with a BIG personality who has expertise in food safety & restaurant management, isn’t afraid to kick some butt and of course, would like to be part of a TV show with a major cable TV network. I am sure there are people who read your blog who would fit this profile.

Get the full scoop on how you can be a reality TV star at The Manager’s Office.

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