Interesting Industry News Around The Web ~ Week 4

The amount of information available online causes over-load for many people. So whether you are looking for management tips, industry news or other important information, we’ll round-up some of the best articles we’ve come across each week to give you a hand. Happy Reading!

The countdown has now begun to one of the biggest events of the year. On April 29th 1 billion people will be tuning in around the world and London will greet 600,000 flag waving visitors to celebrate the Royal Wedding… The wedding is now only weeks away, but there’s still time to put a restaurant marketing plan into action…

Read the rest of the story over at Restaurant Funds.

We have always recommend using Foursquare to increase businesson a daily basis, because it offers unique incentives that reward customers for visiting your bar or restaurant. But why not take it a step further on Foursquare Day?

Head over to FohBoh to find some clever ways to celebrate and bring more traffic through your door on Foursquare Day.

No matter what you call the meeting, the objective should always be to set the proper tone for the shift.  This is your chance to get your staff focused on the shift in front of them.  Many managers enter these meetings casually and without preparation.  Others use it as an opportunity to complain to the staff about their performance.  Some managers will even skip them all together because they feel it is a waste of time.

Get all the tips for you pre-shift meetings over at the eTundra blog.

The restaurant industry is well on its way to recovery, but it has yet to rebuild traffic to pre-recession levels, according to The NPD Group, which said further gains will be spurred by product innovation, unit redesigns and a move away from discounting.

Find the full story here.

Record-high food prices could be the tipping point this year forU.S. restaurants already struggling with high debt loads and tight-fisted consumers.

Read the rest of the story over at Inform.

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