Interesting Industry News Around The Web ~ Week 3

The amount of information available online causes over-load for many people. So whether you are looking for management tips, industry news or other important information, we’ll round-up some of the best articles we’ve come across each week to give you a hand. Happy Reading!

Wednesday night’s finale of “Top Chef” was as much a showcase of leadership style as it was of cooking talent. Richard Blais was cautious and collaborative while his fellow finalist, Mike Isabella, took much greater control over the dishes he created in an effort to put a personal stamp on his performance.

Read the entire article, What the “Top Chef” Finale Can Teach Restaurant Managers.

Consumer demand for local and nutritious food is changing the way restaurants do business. How can chefs and restaurants capitalize and be leaders in agriculture-supported communities?

SmartBlog on Restaurants has the entire story.

By simply “checking in” at local businesses, parks or even libraries via Foursquare’s smartphone app, consumers share their location with friends and collect points and virtual badges. Many will go out of their way to visit a local eatery or clothing boutique just to land discounts and freebies, while others are in it to win cyber-world cred. For entrepreneurs, the upshot is your business may get discovered by legions of roving shoppers.

Three Tips to Boost Business on Foursquare over at Entreprenuer.

As foodservice operators endure the challenge of staying ahead of guests’ expectations, one reality is becoming increasingly clear in the restaurant game: The status quo will no longer do. Today’s consumers seek a greater mix of quality, value, and healthy options when dining out.

Read the rest of the story at QSR Magazine.

Your guests don’t just come to your restaurant to eat – they come for the experience. Servers are there to do more than make drinks and take orders – they are there to “serve.” That means give the guest the experience they desire.

Check out Do Your Servers Give Your Guests the Service They Want? for more.

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